Raptor 3D
Raptor laser tag 3D


  1. Glass lens optic: helps to avoid arising ring and have a minimum of 150m of range in total sunshine.
  2. Grenade launcher: A real unique feature. Range of 30m in total sunshine, drastic fire-power.
  3. Muzzle fire LED and sensors. The yellow LED flashes at shots and the sensors on the gun arrests that the players hide and just shot unpunished only with the gun.
  4. Radio communication between the head sensor and the gun. No cabel that would disturb the player. In similar systems the cabel is often a source of problems (damage, cut...etc)
  5. Hit feedback. In case of hit taken the gun gives a feedback for the user and for the player who scored the hit. The hit feedback works between the players within 100m depending on the features of the field. The PC software enables a choice from different sounds.
  6. The grenade loader button. By pressing the buttom we can load the grenade in the gun if set it in advance with the software. Among others, by the PC software we can set number of lifes the grenade should take from the enemy. Should it hurt our team mate, how long a grenade loading should take but it even can have medical (doctor) or ammo fill up function.
  7. Setting the light power of the display. By pressing the bottom long, we can see how many clips we have left. If we press both bottoms at the display together we see how many grenades we have left.
  8. Setting the light power of the display. The display can be totally swiched off. With pressing the bottom long we can see how many ammo we have left in the clip.
  9. Clip bottom: Through the PC software we can set how many clips, how many ammo/clip should we have in the weapon and how long should it take to change the clip. If we start the gun by pressing the bottom long it starts with the INTAGER settings.
  10. Display; It shows how many lifes, ammo, clips, grenades we have. It shows the power of the battery or during the network recharging the actual potential.
  11. Plug bolster: By plugging in and out we can swich the weapon on and off. We can connect the gun to the network recharger as well.
  12. Speaker: The gun gives many information by speaking sound, too. Some optional sound we can choose, for example shot, hit, hit feedback...etc.
  13. Blocker piece: When we don't use the shoulder brace (for example indoors fight, or children) with the blocker piece we can make the ending aesthetic and safe. It is part of the basic set.
  14. Loose battery box: The weapon gets it's power from 6 pieces of AAA batteries. It is a great advantage that if the battery became flat just by untwisting a screw we can change it even during the game. We can also recharge the battery through the gun. (see No 11.)
  15. Shoulder brace: The special shaped ergonomic shoulder brace provides comfort to aim. With two screws we can unset it and put a blocker piece for its place. (see No 13.)
  16. Sling fixing: By this, we can fix sling of the gun.
  17. Rail: For fixing riflescopes and telescopes.
  18. Serial number of the gun: We can programe the tag and download data by this.
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